Hiding in plain site


74-76, St Anthony's Road, Rialto, Dublin 8


‘And if those walls could talk, would they scream of neglect, red tape, bureaucracy, inept government ministers, families in hotel rooms and children eating their dinner off cardboard trays on the street?’


Here stands an apartment block right on my doorstep, which has been sitting empty for the last few years.


Unacceptable, considering that we are in the middle of a housing crisis during a global pandemic.


Originally built ten years ago, to serve, employ and regenerate a local community, it is sandwiched between traditional Dublin red brick houses and the new construction of the National Children’s Hospital at the St. James's Hospital site.


Neglected and forgotten in time, this empty apartment block represents political negligence.


By not fulfilling its purpose, the building becomes a ghostly brick monument - ‘a thing’, an unmovable object; an immoral blot on the local urban landscape, an inner city mirage.


‘’In a Post-Soviet era with a non-acceptance ideology of personal identity and sexuality”, Getman’s family moved to Ireland when he was 18 — but he stayed on in Lithuania on his own, to finish school. Visiting Monaghan only once during that year, when Andre (sic) came here for good, he felt he “was coming home”.


“What lies beneath’, My Final Show review by The Sunday Independent, 19 August 2018 by Nial MacMonagle


I am a Dublin based artist of Lithuanian heritage, influenced by my immediate environment; the inner city Dublin landscape. I’m interested in colour or the ‘absence’ of it - in everyday life.


During the lockdown, the only room available to paint in, was my small bathroom. Because hand movements were restricted, this influenced the scale of my paintings and because the room is windowless, I was compelled to use bright and strong colours to compensate.


Since then, I have managed to hire a studio with natural light, allowing me to up-scale my paintings and imbue them with natural tones and colours.

Copyright © 2020 Andrej Getman


Dublin I Ireland